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When that critical moment arrives you need to know you're protected. Our innovative lightweight NIJ III+ AR-600 Steel Body Armor consistently out performs the competition. Our military grade anti-fragmentation coating is second to none.  After live fire demonstrations, thousands of Law Enforcement officers across America have chosen to literally stand behind our armor.  This is real, affordable, armor. 

Our Patented Target Systems will change the way you train and increase the efficiency of your time at the range. Made from the industry leading AR-550 Steel, our targets provide durable & realistic platforms.  Hundreds of Americas leading professionals trust our targets to prepare them for real world scenarios.

Patent Pending Designs

 Designs that improve the way people Train.

Products that Professionals trust.

Steel Ops doesn't just provide you with quality products. We provide you with a partner. We have a team built on experience, knowledge, and innovation. We excel at making armor and target systems that work. That is why we are trusted by top professionals, and why we've maintained one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in our industry.  Our passion is ensuring that you're able to prevail.  

Steel Armor & Target Systems

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