"High quality targets and awesome customer service"

Ziga Polenjar - Polenar Tactical​​

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Steel Ops doesn't just provide you with quality products. We provide you with a partner. We have a team built on experience, knowledge, and a passion for making sure you have the tools to succeed. That is why we are trusted by top professionals in the industry.

"I am extremely pleased with Steel Ops and the products they provide. I currently run two armor plates in my vest. The weight is hardly noticed and it doesn't effect my shooting either. The staff is a pleasure to work with, and were very flexible with my changing schedule."

Officer John C. - Weld County Sheriff's Office


Valid only thru December 16th. Guaranteed delivery by December 25th. 

FREE TARGET FREE FRAWL - Order any T3RX or T3R target and receive either a free HFR Hostage Flipper Target OR a free 9" Gong. Use the promo code "FLIPPER" or "GONG" when placing your order. 

T2/T4 CHRISTMAS COMBO - Get the T2 Target and T4 Target together with the posts for only $159.98 plus shipping and handling. Thats two 3/8" AR-550 targets and posts for only $79.99 each! Use promo code "COMBO" when placing your order

"Steel Ops makes tough targets that stand up to abuse. [these] targets set up literally in less than a minute... We see hundreds of thousands of rounds go downrange every year, and with a dash of spray paint the targets are like new."

Reid Henrichs - President, Valor Ridge 

Being protected is a luxury you can't afford to wait on, and if that critical moment arrives you need to know you're covered. Our AR-500 Steel Body Armor has been tested effective for Steel Core 5.56 at 15ft, and our military grade anti-fragmentation coating is second to none.

Our Patent Pending Target Systems will change the way you train and increase the efficiency of your time at the range. Made from the most durable AR-550 Steel, our targets provide durable yet realistic platforms for you to prepare and improve your skills. 

Patent Pending Deisgns

 Designs that improve the way people Train.

Products that Professionals trust.

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Steel Armor & Target Systems

"We use Steel Ops targets religiously, they are simply great, you see them taking constant beating in our videos. Enough said."

Rob Zatorski - AK Operators Union