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In the heat of battle you need to know you're protected.  Our innovative lightweight NIJ III+ AR-600 Steel Body Armor not only regularly outperforms the competition but has redefined steel armor and what is capable of. Our military grade ballistic coatings have proven to be the most capable on the market and that's why thousands of professionals across America have chosen to literally stand behind our armor.  This is steel armor that actually works.  

Our Patented AR-550 Steel Target Systems increase your efficiency at the range by providing you with durable & realistic platforms that deploy on various terrain and build usable skills.  Many shooters suffer training scars resulting from gimmicky targets that place uncommon shapes on platforms designed strictly for flat range shooting.  Its time to get real.  Professionals the world over trust our targets to help prepare for actual threats as they appear in real world scenarios.

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Steel Ops not only provides you with quality products, but with a partner. We have a team built on experience, knowledge, and innovation.  Our products are designed, built and trusted by top professionals and come backed by industry leading customer service.  Our passion is rooted in your success as well as ensuring that in the critical moment you're prepared, protected and able to prevail.  

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