Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Steel Ops does not share any personal information that you provide to us with any other company or affiliate for any reason except those whose business is the paid processing of credit cards provided to us for the purchase of goods directly from Steel Ops Ltd.  We will share purchase history and correspondence upon request from a law enforcement official investigating a crime, or if Steel Ops has any suspicion that the information provided to us was in an attempt make a purchase violating federal law.  The information we collect is never shared nor sold to companies who are not directly involved in the specific transaction taking place.  Any information provided to a third party company (ie PayPal) in relation to a transaction shall not in any way be the responsibility of Steel Ops Ltd.  We do not keep open or revolving accounts for any customer without their written permission.   Any information provided to us is destroyed or deleted immediately if it becomes unnecessary to provide the product or service requested.   Steel Ops will not be responsible for lost or stolen information provided to us.  Credit card information entered during online purchasing is not seen or accessible to Steel Ops Ltd.  For fraudulent purchases please contact your credit card company. 

Targets - Steel Ops warranties all Steel Targets against workmanship and manufacturing defects such as welds for the life of the target.  Abuse, Neglect, normal wear and tear are not covered under warranty.  Using the targets in any manner other than directed will void this warranty. Shooting steel core ammunition, shooting rifle rounds at handgun only targets, shooting calibers not listed in the ratings section, or shooting at ranges closer than recommended will void all warranties. This warranty should not be construed to include material defects or strength of steel. Ratings should be used for reference and we do not guarantee nor warranty any product against pitting or puncture from ammunition.  If pitting or damage occurs move your target further away. We do not guarantee any specified round counts or lifespan for any product.  We will not warranty any product that is unsafe or that has been damaged by abuse or neglect.  Firing any round of any type at under 100 yards will shorten the life of the steel product. Mill Certifications for the quality of steel are kept to ensure our product description is accurate and those may be provided in the event of a discrepancy.  Powder Coat is not covered under our warranty.

Armor Plates - We do not in any way warranty Body Armor Plates nor ballistic coatings.  All body armor plates are sold "as is" and "with all faults".  Any descriptions or test results provided for Body Armor are for informational purposes only and should not be construed to provide a warranty, nor a guarantee, of any kind. Steel Ops does not warranty plate carries and all kits or carriers are sold "as is" and "with all faults".  All body armor sales are final and we do not allow returns or exchanges of armor plates.  Replacement labels for armor plates can be issued if they are damaged or lost, however the customer must have filled out and returned the Body Armor Registration at least 30 days prior to requesting a replacement label.  That form can be found by clicking the button at the bottom of this section or by clicking here and submitting the form online.   

"Use It, Don't Lose It" - Body Armor Replacement Policy:  If at anytime your armor plate is struck with a powder actuated projectile fired from a handgun, rifle, or shotgun while in the line of duty or during a lawful, reported, and verifiable act of self defense, we will replace the plate free of charge for the life of the plate. A police report or official government statement must accompany your request detailing the entirety of the incident.  If the body armor was not issued to you through a department or agency then a Body Armor Registration must be filled out and returned to Steel Ops Ltd at least 30 days prior to a replacement request.  The registration card can be found by clicking the button below this section or by clicking here and submitting the form online. You must also include at least one photo of you in possession of the plate. Used plates must be returned to Steel Ops at the owners expense prior to replacement and will be returned to the owner after inspection.  All replacements are subject to the approval of Steel Ops Ltd. and requests may take up to four weeks to process.​ This program is non transferable and may only be used by the original purchaser of the plate.  Private sale or transfer of ownership will void this replacement policy. 

Warranty Claims - PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT DEALERS OR RETAILERS WITH WARRANTY ISSUESAll warranty/replacement requests must be shipped or delivered to Steel Ops at the customers expense. Should a legitimate warranty issue be found those amounts may be refunded to the customer in the form of company credit and/or discounts.  We do not allow returns or refunds for any used targets. Due to the nature of the product we do not accept returns of any Body Armor Plate(s) or carriers and all sales are final.  Any unused product other than armor or carriers must be inspected by Steel Ops Ltd at the customers expense before a return will be accepted. No cash refunds, only discounts or store credit will be provided.  To file a warranty claim please email us with pictures or call our office at 970-568-1191 to speak to a representative.  Rest assured that our 100% Facebook customer satisfaction rating is an indication of how we handle our warranty issues. 

Always wear hearing and eye protection while setting up or using Steel Ops products. Serious injury or death may occur when shooting any firearm at steel objects. Serious injury or death may occur if you are shot or struck with any type of projectile or bullet while wearing steel plate(s) or Steel Ops Body Armor. By purchasing and using our product(s) the customer assumes all liability for the proper installation and operation of the Steel Ops product(s) and or any materials or gear, whether applicable or not, related to the use of the product(s), and further indemnifies and holds harmless to the fullest extent allowable by law Steel Ops Ltd as well as all officers, heirs, staff, associates, and vendors thereof for any injuries or damages that may or may not occur, whether known or unknown, as a result of the use of the product(s).  By purchasing, using, or attempting to use any Steel Ops product(s) the customer acknowledges that shooting, carrying, owning, or being near firearms is an inherently dangerous activity and that the use of steel targets or body armor can result in injury or death.  Proper installation and safety are the responsibility of the Customer and by attempting to purchase or using Steel Ops products the Customer certifies that they are legally, mentally, and physically capable of proper installation and use of any product and that they fully understand all aspects of the function and risks associate with all Steel Ops products.  Body Armor plates and Targets are not in any way intended nor guaranteed to prevent or mitigate any type of bodily injury or death and should only be used at your own risk. By attempting to purchase any Target or  Body Armor product from Steel Ops Ltd you are agreeing, warranting, and verifying that;
-You are a legal US Citizen and at least 18 years of age 
-You are legally allowed to posses and purchase the item
-You reside in a state that allows the purchase and possession of the item 
-You are of sound mind and judgement and responsible for any misuse of a Steel Ops Ltd product
-There is no guarantee or warranty of any kind implied or given for the item and all items are sold as is
​-You are not a fugitive, felon, nor do you intend to use the item in any unlawful manner
-You are not purchasing the item under duress nor for anyone who does not meet these requirements
-You are not a resident of Connecticut, OR you are an active law enforcement agent. 

-You have read, understand, and agree to all terms, conditions, warranties, and specifications of all Steel Ops products.

-You are able and willing to verify any of the requirements above at the request of Steel Ops Ltd. 
NOTICE: Level III and IV body armor plates are regulated by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and are subject to the export control laws of the US Government.  Export or re-transfer of Level III or IV plates by any means to any foreign end user, or for any other end user, whether inside the US or abroad, without the written approval of the US Department of State, is prohibited.   The sale, transfer, transportation, or shipment outside the US of any product prohibited or restricted for export without complying with US export control laws and regulations, including proper export licensing, documentation or authorization, is strictly prohibited and may constitute a federal crime. 
Steel Ops Ltd - Body Armor Sales Policy:
We reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone for any reason.  In order to protect our company and comply with US law, Steel Ops may at its discretion request proof of citizenship, proof of employment, or identification in relation to any attempted purchase and shall in no way be responsible for any false or misleading information provided to us.  Should a customer deny a request for identification, proof of citizenship, or proof of employment, Steel Ops may at its discretion terminate the transaction and refund any amounts paid, however the terms and amounts of such reimbursement will in all circumstances remain entirely up to Steel Ops and any fees, labor, costs, or damages incurred as a result of establishing the validity of a purchase may be deducted from any refund.  Providing inaccurate, omissive, or misleading information in regards to any transaction may result in refusal of sales and may be reported to the appropriate authorities for investigation.  Any attempts to purchase a body armor product without meeting all of the criteria listed above may be reported.  Due to the sensitive nature of these products we do not accept returns of any kind for body armor and all sales are final. Steel Ops Ltd may refer civilian sales of these products to a licensed dealer and in some circumstances may require proof of military/law enforcement employment. Please contact our office with any questions or concerns - (970)-568-1191 

We strongly encourage any individual or company considering an attempt to duplicate one of our protected designs to find an alternative, OR contact our office to discuss a mutually beneficial licensing agreement.  Steel Ops will use all legal and monetary means necessary to find and eliminate potential infringements of our copyrights.  Periodic searches for infringements are done to ensure our products are protected.  Your respect for our designs and intellectual property is greatly appreciated.  If you feel that a product or design that we are offering may conflict with a patent of your own, we would highly encourage you to contact our office first to discuss the issue. We are well aware of many of the patents within our industry and have thoroughly reviewed our products with our patent attorney's for compliance. There is a strong possibility that our product differs from yours sufficiently so as to eliminate infringement.  We document cases where this differentiation might be too subtle to see or might not be listed in a product's description. We encourage you to save your time and attorney fees by contacting us directly so we can come to a quick and professional understanding. Thank you. 

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