Use the chart below to find the recommended forward lean for your T Series target. These angles may also assist in the function of the HFR Flipper if your target system utilizes that feature. These are approximations and actual results may vary depending on ammunition brand, elevation, barrel length, and more. If you experience pitting of any kind move the target back to avoid damage. Always fire test shots to verify whether the steel is pitting.  Stand the target upright (plumb/level) and then lean the target toward the the shooter by the amount suggested below. Use the target to stake the posts into the ground at the proper angle of lean.

***We do not recommend rifle use at less than 100 yards.

Handguns 25 yards or less12" towards the shooter
Handguns over 25 yards8" towards the shooter
Rifles 100 yards or less***16" towards the shooter
Rifles over 100 yards 12" towards the shooter

recommended Ranges & Calibers  

Steel Armor & Target Systems

Angle Chart for Targets 

These are Steel Ops's official recommended ranges and calibers for all AR-550 steel silhouette target systems. Handgun Only targets must only use handgun rounds at the distances below. Do not shoot rifle rounds at Handgun rated targets.  Although testing has shown our targets to be effective far closer, we do not recommend less than the recommended range as it will void your warranty. DO NOT SHOOT AT THE "TESTED EFFECTIVE RANGES" - These tests were done to show the strength of steel and may present a safety hazard if used. All recommended and tested ranges are for informational purposes only and we do not warranty against penetration. Results may vary depending on ammunition brand, elevation, barrel length, angle of deflection, and more. If you experience pitting of any kind move the target back to avoid damage. Always fire test shots to verify whether the steel is pitting. Never shoot rifles at handgun rated targets. If you do not see the caliber that you want to use listed below please contact our office before firing so we can give you a recommendation. Firing calibers not listed below without a written recommendation may void your warranty. Hostage Flippers carry a separate rating due too their assembly and function. See below.

Calibers and Ranges for AR-550 Steel Targets
CaliberRecommended RangeTested Effective *Do not use at these distances
22LR15 yards or more5 Yards


15 yards or more
5 yards
.38 Special15 yards or more
5 yards with +P
.357 Magnum35 yards or more
10 yards with +P
.45 ACP15 yards or more5 yards
10mm20 yards or more5 yards
.204 200 yards or more100 yards
22-250200 yards or more
100 yards
.223/5.56100 yards or more10 yards
Steel Core 5.56*Never use steel core10 yards


100 yards or more10 yards
7.62x51 (.308)100 yards or more15 yards
.30-06300 yards or more

175 yards

.300 Win Mag300 yards or more175 yards
.338 Lapua350 yards or more150 yards
50 BMG500 yards or more100 yards
Steel Core 50 BMG*Never use steel core97 yards

For Steel Ops Hostage Flippers we do not recommend Rifle Rounds other than .223/5.56, 7.62x39, or .308, and all of these should be used at no less than 100 yards. For handgun calibers no larger than 10mm we recommend at least 15 yards. We do not recommend calibers larger than 10mm with the flippers. Due to the cost and nature of the hostage flipper we will not warranty the use of other calibers.