Steel Armor & Target Systems

Why is our Patent Pending Stake-In Method so Important?

Our Patent Pending target designs use the target/dueling tree as a post setter to beat their own stand into the ground. This eliminates the frequently used "H-Frame" that many manufacturers use. While this does save you money, its not the only reason we do this. It also eliminates clutter and increases speed. Our T series systems are two piece systems that can be carried in one trip from the car. H-Frame stands require multiple trips, bolts, and tools. Our system can be set-up with ease by a female shooter weighing only 100 lbs in under 30 seconds. No tools needed. You can actually carry the T3RX Target, with the post, in one hand.  The stake in method also allows you to set-up and train on hills, in high wind, and with heavy calibers, without needing extra tools or equipment. Ever tried to set-up one of the H-Frame stands on a hill? Good luck unless you've made yet another trip to the car for stakes, sandbags, and blocks of wood. Ever set-up an H-Frame stand or gong rack in high wind? Hope you remembered to pack a hammer and tent stakes. So you want to shoot heavy calibers? Walking back out to straighten your target after two or three hits is going to get on your nerves. These old systems are just plain garbage folks! Why are you spending money on a target system that requires tools, sandbags, a hammer & stakes?!  You are at the range to shoot, not practice construction. Our systems set up flat ground, sloped ground, dirt, sand, or gravel. They don't turn or fall over with a gust of wind. They don't twist if hit with heavy calibers. Most importantly, because we eliminated the need for the bulky H-Frame stand, they also don't cost you as much. These targets are simply the best, and they are the best because they are so simple! We are the ONLY company able to use this method.