Steel Armor & Target Systems

Steel Ops takes your privacy and protection very seriously. We offer an extremely large variety of armor and security solutions for your home or business.


Steel Ops has the ability, experience, and expertise to design, fabricate, and install a wide array of custom armor and security products. With caliber ratings as high as 50 BMG and NIJ Levels that can exceed Level IV, we offer solutions for almost any threat level. Whether its a Guard Shack, Rolling Shield, Vehicle Armor, Security Doors/Windows, Ballistic Paneling, Blast Doors, or even Concealed Ballistic Rooms, Steel Ops can provide you with a durable and reliable system that you can trust.  Confidentiality is common with custom projects and your privacy is paramount.  Non-Disclosures Agreements, Verifiable Data Deletion, Confidential Design & Manufacturing, and Discreet Installation are not only recommended, but are standard practice.

For pricing or information about custom projects please contact our office to speak with a representative. 

(970)-215-6969 or email using our online form here.